The KlezBros
Music with a Distinctly Jewish Flair
The KlezBros, performing since 1993 in and around Salt Lake City, are keeping klezmer and Gypsy music alive and well in the Mountain West. The klezmer revival, dating back to the 1970's, has taken hold in Utah.
A sampling of their music can be found here .

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Kateri Combs joins the Klezbros bringing an authentic Gypsy flair to the distinctly Jewish Flair giving the band a total of two flairs. Her mesmerizing Gypsy dance interpretations, together with her vocal and percussion stylings add a wonderful new dimension to the Klezbros that audiences love! Read more about Kateri's history and all of the Klezbros - David, Steve and Kate here

Kate MacLeod joins the Klezbros bringing some dazzling and tasteful fiddle playing to complete the the Klezmer-Gypsy mix. Read more about Kate's rich and diverse musical background here on our Band page.